3 Common Misconceptions About Truck Campers

3 Common Misconceptions About Truck Campers

Truck campers are well-known and widely used for exploring the outdoors. After all, campers provide a comfortable way to spend lots of time outside. Despite the advantages of truck campers, you might have some wrong ideas about them. These common misconceptions about truck campers will help you find a comfortable solution for your next outdoor getaway.

They’re Difficult To Use

One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that truck campers are difficult to set up and use. However, truck campers vary in many ways, and accessibility is one of those ways. For example, our Tacoma bed campers are designed to fit easily with compatible vehicles and help your camp setup process last only minutes. Not all campers are bulky and difficult to handle, so explore your options to find a model that meets your installation standards.

They Increase Weight Excessively

The next common misconception about truck campers is that they add substantial weight to trucks. The reason this is such a common misunderstanding is that some models on the market are quite heavy. However, you can also find models that feature a much lighter design. For example, our Switchback X1 is a lightweight design, with models weighing between 340 and 390 pounds.

They Provide Inadequate Storage

The final misconception is that truck campers don’t provide a lot of storage. Once again, this is why it’s helpful to browse various camper models; some provide more storage and customization than others. Our Switchback X1 camper features T-slots, threaded inserts, and more details that help drivers customize the design to meet their unique needs.

These needs can include new racks, which increase storage instead of reducing it during trips. Likewise, our side hatches make it easy to store and retrieve items from the truck bed at any time. Explore the camper designs available now to see firsthand how unique your options are.

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