How Much Gear Can You Store With a Rooftop Tent?

How Much Gear Can You Store With a Rooftop Tent?

Camping without gear is like kayaking without a paddle—you won’t get very far. However, traveling with equipment is difficult if you don’t have enough space. You can maximize your storage capacity by traveling with a rooftop tent.

You might wonder how much gear you can store with a rooftop tent; the answer depends on your truck, your tent, and the supplies you bring. Take these factors into consideration before packing for your next adventure.

Check the Weight Limit

Some camping gear can be heavy. Before filling your camper with equipment, you’ll need to check the weight limit of your setup. A truck bed roof tent and camper from Super Pacific can hold up to 500 lbs.

That isn’t to say you should just stuff 500 lbs worth of camping gear into your rooftop tent. If you and a travel buddy are sleeping there, you need to factor in your own weight.

Check the Dimensions

Weight isn’t the only factor you should consider before hitting the road; you should also check your rooftop tent’s dimensions. The type of gear your tent can accommodate will depend on how tall and wide it is.

For example, Super Pacific tents are about 60 inches tall and 107 inches long. Keep in mind, the width will vary based on your truck’s unique measurements. Anything beyond your tent’s dimensions will hang out of your tent and create a safety hazard.

Check the Durability

Some camping gear is rough around the edges. For example, trekking poles may poke holes through certain materials if you try to keep them in a rooftop tent. Make sure you choose a durable tent with high-quality materials to withstand all your equipment.

Acrylic polyester and canvas materials will hold firm no matter what you try to store. Adding a hardshell truck bed camper will give your tent additional support.

Store Your Gear With Super Pacific Truck Campers

Now that you know how much gear you can store with a rooftop tent, you can set your sights on your next destination. For a durable tent with a high weight capacity, look no further than Super Pacific. Our campers will fit all you need and more, so you’ll always have a comfortable experience.

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