10 Places To Go Truck Camping in the United States

10 Places To Go Truck Camping in the United States

There’s no better feeling than finding the perfect campsite. For truck campers, staking claim to remote land is easier than ever. As long as you have flat ground, access to shade, and permission, you can park your vehicle and enjoy the great outdoors.

With a multitude of options available, many travelers don’t know where to start. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredible places to go truck camping in the United States. From West Coast paradises to Northeastern destinations, you can satisfy your wanderlust at any of these campgrounds.

Assateague Island National Seashore Campgrounds—Virginia/Maryland

If you’re looking for a gorgeous coastal view, stop by the Assateague Island National Seashore Campgrounds. Bordering Virginia and Maryland, this park gives visitors access to two drive-in campsites, perfect for truck camping.

Truck campers can use picnic tables and fire rings to eat and gather. Just be sure to bring your own, food, water, and locally sourced firewood. Also, prepare to see—but not interact with—the wild ponies, hogs, and eagles living in the area.

Kaibab National Forest (Crazy Jug Point)—Arizona

Every traveler has The Grand Canyon at the top of their must-visit list. While this destination might not seem like the ideal truck camping spot, there are many safe places to park on the canyon’s edge. The Kaibab National Forest, home to Crazy Jug Point, is one such campground.

You can’t beat the canyon views from this campsite. You’ll also get a front-row seat to the Colorado River and several day-hiking trails. Crazy Jug Point is perfect for dispersed camping, so prepare to rough it with your supplies.

Acadia National Park—Maine

If you want to see beaches, woodlands, and mountains all in one stop, look no further than Acadia National Park. This truck camping location is in Maine, and exposes travelers to every natural wonder on the Northeast Coast.

Seawall Campgrounds provides drive-in access for people to park and camp for the night. It’s also close to other campsites that offer engaging activities and experiences. Additionally, you can expect whale and moose sightings while exploring this diverse region.

Devil’s Lake State Park—Wisconsin

Truck camping is a popular activity, making seclusion hard to come by. However, you won’t have any trouble finding a private, isolated spot at Wisconsin’s Devil’s Lake State Park. With over 9,000 acres of uninterrupted land, there’s space for everyone to relax and unwind.

Some campgrounds across this park offer electrical hookups, dumpsites, and concessions. And scenic sites are only a short hike away from helpful amenities. Lucky campers will be able to secure lakeshore views, but don’t worry—even those without lake access aren’t far from water activities.

Sangchris Lake State Park—Illinois

Do you enjoy boating, kayaking, and fishing as part of your truck-camping adventures? If so, the Sangchris Lake State Park in Illinois is the perfect destination. This site isn’t as popular as others on the list, so you can expect peaceful traveling without much traffic.

As if that’s not enough, visitors can use the public archery range in Maple Flats. Those with permits can also use metal detectors for hunting precious artifacts. Of course, you can also hike, bird watch, and enjoy the serene atmosphere around this Illinois paradise.

Deschutes National Forest—Oregon

Mountain bikers shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Deschutes National Forest in Oregon—biking trails cover this scenic area. For campers who prefer to explore on foot, there are several hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult.

Many of the campgrounds in this National Forest are completely free, and dispersed camping allows truck campers to park anywhere along this beautiful terrain. Take advantage of all this area has to offer by planning some daytime activities like visiting the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

Bodega Dunes Campground—California

For a true beach-camping experience, there’s no place like the Bodega Dunes Campground in California. Set up your site between towering dunes for ultimate privacy and relaxation. You’ll also get premier beach entry and access to clean bathrooms and showers.

This campground is part of a large network of Bodega Bay Campsites. With over 100 camping spots, you’re sure to find a perfect place to park. If you love to fish, hike, and go geocaching, you have to make a stop at this West Coast truck camping destination.

Flathead National Forest—Montana

National Parks and Forests are some of the best places to go truck camping in the United States. These federally protected locations are usually free to use and don’t require permits for activities. Therefore, your next stop should be the Flathead National Forest in Montana.

Camp serenely near the Flathead River, where you will see grand glaciers in all their natural glory. Adrenaline lovers may also get a chance to go white water rafting. The campgrounds here are in the middle of bear territory, so make sure you take proper precautions.

Fruita Campgrounds—Colorado

One aspect of truck camping that many don’t talk about is the drive. Having a beautiful, scenic route is just as important as your campsite. If you want a road trip as gorgeous as the camping terrain, you have to stop in Fruita, Colorado.

This town has many dispersed camping opportunities for you to live off the grid. Mountain biking, hiking, and ATV riding are some of the best activities to pursue here. You’ll also get to enjoy the comfort and beauty of the Colorado Desert.

Arches National Park—Utah

The Bureau of Land Management offers thousands of free camping spaces across the country. Arches National Park in Utah boasts ultra-scenic truck camping sites, free of light pollution and traffic. This National Park also has a roadway system that encourages visitors to stop and enjoy the unique landscapes.

This park’s terrain is fairly easy to navigate, making it excellent for first-time truck campers. Be sure to bring plenty of food, water, and supplies, as you won’t have access to many public amenities. Still, Arches National Park lets you ease your way into off-the-grid traveling.

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10 Places To Go Truck Camping in the United States

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