3 Ways To Get Your Dog Into Your Rooftop Tent

3 Ways To Get Your Dog Into Your Rooftop Tent

Man’s best friend makes an excellent camping partner. However, getting your dog into your rooftop tent can be a difficult task. Even the most athletic dogs have trouble getting into your truck bed, let alone the roof!

Don’t worry; you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind. There are plenty of ways to safely get your dog into your rooftop tent. Practice these techniques before your next trip to make loading and unloading easier.

Bring a Ladder

If you’re using a rooftop tent, you probably already have a ladder at your disposal. Super Pacific designs rooftop tents with three doors you can access via a ladder or ramp. You can train your dog to climb the ladder to get in safely.

If your pup needs assistance, put it in a harness with a handle on the back. This accessory will help you carry it up your ladder without injuring it or yourself. Never pull your dog up your ladder by its leash; doing so will hurt its neck and may cause respiratory distress.

Build a Ramp

Ladders might be difficult for smaller pooches to climb. They’re also hard to use if you’re focused on holding a squirming animal. Luckily, ramps work just as well, if not better, at getting your dog into your rooftop tent.

Super Pacific tents are both latter and ramp friendly. It’s also much easier to train a pup to use a ramp than it is a ladder. You can build one yourself or buy a collapsible one from any pet store or online retailer.

Use the Buddy System

Camping with a partner always makes things easier. Your guest will be able to help you get your dog into your rooftop tent in no time. Have one person climb on the roof, and then hand your furry friend off using the buddy system.

Make sure your friend is someone your dog knows and trusts. Don’t let go of your pup until your partner has a firm grip on its harness and around its body. Once your pet feels secure, climb up and enjoy the company!

To camp comfortably with your four-legged friend, you need spacious, sturdy equipment. Super Pacific builds truck bed campers with rooftop tents that you and your dog can access easily. Get on our list now to enjoy the great outdoors with your best friend by your side.

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