5 Ways To Stay Warm in Your Rooftop Tent

5 Ways To Stay Warm in Your Rooftop Tent

Wintertime cold weather does not require packing away the camping gear and waiting for summer to come. There are still plenty of opportunities to camp during these colder months, but some extra preparation is necessary. Primarily, campers need to be concerned with the temperature. Keeping the cold at bay is the main goal for a successful winter camping trip. If you use a rooftop tent for camping, here are five ways to stay warm in it.

Bundle Up

Before you insulate your tent, you should insulate yourself. Bring plenty of thermal clothing, as maintaining a safe body temperature is crucial.

Bundling up is especially important at night, when you won’t be generating body heat by moving. But don’t sleep in your coat and snowsuit—instead, bring thermal pajamas and thick socks.

Cover the Tent

The low temperatures and cold wind attack the outside of the rooftop tent first. Covering the rooftop tent with a type of cold-resistant material will work wonders for keeping the cold out. This acts as a layer of defense.

Ideally, the material you choose is also strong and waterproofs the tent, keeping you safe from hail, snow, or heavy rain. However, a waterproof layer might lead to humidity on the tent’s inside, so you should consider some anti-condensation mats.

Think Insulation

Along with the anti-condensation mats, the inside will need additional insulating items. Consider purchasing a quilted insulator to prevent the heat from seeping out.

Apply the material to the internal frame of the tent during the setup. Make sure the clips are secure; there should be no gaps or openings, as that would defeat the purpose.

Bring a Heater

In extremely cold conditions, the insulation and outside covering might not cut it. Consider bringing an electric heater for extra backup. If your campsite does not have access to electricity, you’ll also need to bring a portable battery.

Warm Sleeping Supplies

Your thermal pajamas are not the only thing that will keep you warm at night. A good sleeping bag and insulating sleep mattress are also supplies you want to bring with you. A good sleeping bag provides insulation that traps your body heat, and an insulated mattress prevents the cold from the car from seeping through to you. Plus, a mattress provides extra cushioning, helping you get a better night’s sleep despite the cold.

Now that you know five ways to stay warm in your rooftop tent, your next cold-weather camping trip doesn’t have to leave you freezing. And if you don’t have a rooftop tent but want one, we’ve got you covered at Super Pacific. With us, you can find a quality truck bed roof tent to bring on your next adventure. Browse our products today!

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