X1 Journal: Karim Bouhdary

X1 Journal: Karim Bouhdary

Meet Karim Bouhdary, Google UX Designer during the week, fly-fishing adventurer on the weekends.


Toyota Tacoma + Switchback X1

San Diego, CA

IG: @bouhdy_

How'd you get started in the outdoors?

After a severe leg injury in high school, I lost a few opportunities including the ability to visit colleges. After a couple "virtual" Google Map tours of Boulder, CO I was sold on the mountain lifestyle. I was always inspired by Warren Miller ski movies as a child and living in the mountains was always a dream. Boulder was the catalyst for my outdoor recreation, over the past decade I've slowly picked up on all the different activities the mountains have to offer.

You were new to truck camping before getting your X1. What was your thought process when you began building it out? What problems were you trying to solve?

Before truck camping I was into casual car camping trips and backpacking. I always had a desire to get out farther for longer. I had spent time building out cabinets, water, and power systems for a small Jeep Cherokee but ended up stumbling upon a larger goal.... How can I fit all the amenities of an RV into a 5ft truck bed?

What advice do you have for someone just starting out building out their adventure rig?

  1. Research Online: Whatever you're trying to accomplish someone has done it, you just gotta find the information.

  2. Be Modular: You may think you need a sink, heater, and fridge but when you’re building out the camper make sure things can be switched out and changed for your needs

  3. Connect with the Community: People with trucks and campers are usually pretty darn cool. Reach out and connect with community who are always willing to share build ideas, camp spots, and so much more.

Top 3 favorite things about your current setup?

  1. RedArc Power Management: RedArc is slowly becoming the “Toyota” of the off-road community. They make electronic system simple yet so damn reliable.

  2. Super Pacific Modularity: The camper alone makes it so easy to quickly mock up and add solutions for your needs. Between the standard t-slots, wire chases, exterior wiring slots, molle panels, etc…

  3. The Truck Platform: the Tacoma has its flaws but it’s simplicity have enabled me to go from truck lover to truck builder. Huge shot out to all my friends who helped me get hands on.

Favorite detail about your X1?

The looks. Always getting compliments on how well designed the camper is. There’s almost not straight lines and the balance of hardware utility and beauty is unmatched.

You recently got into fly fishing. What drew you to the sport?

The X1 really enabled two main things for me: Being able to get out farther and stay out longer. I mean if you think about it camp now takes 5 minutes to setup instead of an hour. That saves me so much time to enjoy the places we travel to for quick weekends. Fly fishing was a next step, now that I have so much time at camp I started to study the water and research different techniques. Now I’m hooked and happy to help anyone in the community learn since it can be intimidating at first.

Favorite road trip guilty pleasure?

Chick-Fil-A is a permanent “add a stop” on our google maps every time we travel. We’re always bummed when we head home on Sundays.

Want to see more of Alex’s build & adventures?

Instagram: @bouhdy_

Or hit him up with questions in the SP Community Hub

All Photos © Alex K. Bouhdary

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