What Features Come Standard?

We like to keep our pricing transparent and up front. That's why we include all these features
standard in the price:

  • Your choice of 5 premium powder-coated aluminum colors
  • Your choice of 2 tent fabric colors
  • Exped Megamat Duo LW+ Mattress
  • Dual USB port & 12-Volt adapter
  • 3 zippered & screened Tent doors
  • 3 Locking Canopy Doors
  • 3rd Brake Light
  • Cabside Acrylic window
  • Tailgate Acrylic window
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Installation
  • No Sales Tax when picking up in Oregon

Can the Tent doors & screens open from the inside?

YES! The zippers for both the screens and tent doors can be easily opened from both the INSIDE and OUTSIDE for all 3 openings in the tent. The 3 tent doors come standard on all our campers at no extra charge.

Do the canopy doors open from the inside?

YES! The canopy doors use a single handle that can be locked with a key from the outside and easily unlocked and opened from the inside. No problem.

Do all the locks on the canopy doors use the same key?

YES! All 3 of the canopy doors can be locked & unlocked with the same key.

Why do you use the Exped Megamat?

Most of our competition use foam mattresses for their tents. We like foam but it has its
limitations. First of all it is heavy. And it needs to be thick in order to support a body
comfortably. And it takes up a lot of space. The Exped Megamat has received rave reviews as
the top camping mattress or years. It's lightweight, self-inflating, tough and SUPER comfortable.
Its quick inflating and deflating allows you to leave bedding in place in your camper. On top of
that Exped offers numerous sleeping bags and accessories to seamlessly integrate with the

Does the camper work with ladders?

Yes, the tent can be accessed via the interior of the truck bed, or from any of the 3 tent doors with your own ladder.

Is the camper compatible with 270 Awnings?

Yes, most 270 awnings will work great with our camper’s t-slots and Universal Awning Brackets
(sold separately). We do not support the AluCab Ghost Awning due to the excessive weight it
places at the rear of the camper.

Do you support 8' beds?

Currently we don't support any 8 foot truck beds.

Do you make any accessories?

Yes, check out our Gear Shop for all our current accessory offerings.

How Do Deposits and Payments Work?

View our payment page for details on our buying process.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing options through Affirm. Visit the Affirm website for more details. Contact us
directly at info@superpacificusa.com if you are interested in pursuing financing options.

How do I get my camper installed?

Camper installs happen at our shop in beautiful Portland Oregon where we will install your camper,
share a few laughs, and offer you a cold drink of your choice.

Can I sell my deposit spot?

YES! Your Initial Deposit is non-refundable; however we understand that things come up and
situations change. For those times you can sell your deposit on the private market to another buyer
who'd be happy to take it off your hands. Super Pacific will not be able to help facilitate or arrange
any transactions between parties, but we will process deposit transfers for a $75 fee.

*Certain restrictions apply to transfers, so please inquire with us for all the details.

Do you offer shipping?

Only in specific situations are we able to offer shipping. You must have a location you are able to receive a freight shipment that has a forklift with extended forks.

Is there an installation charge?

NO! Installation in our Portland shop is included in the cost.

How long does installation take?

Generally, around 45-60 minutes. It’s quick, painless, and you’ll go home with some great Super Pacific swag to boot.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Oregon does not have a sales tax, so as long as you are picking your camper up in Oregon you will not be charged any sales tax.

Does the camper come with a warranty?

Where is Super Pacific located?

Our headquarters are located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, in Portland, Oregon.

How long has Super Pacific been in business?

We first launched in the summer of 2020 and have been rocking ever since.

Are the campers made in the USA?

YES! Super Pacific campers & accessories are proudly designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon using regionally sourced materials and local manufacturing partners.

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