4-Season Rooftop Tent | All-Weather Truck Bed Tent
Ford F150 with Green X1 Camper open on the back of it.

Switchback X1 Camper

Modular. Durable. Awesome.

MID-SIZE:$13,495  FULL-SIZE: $13,995

build to order
Ready in 13 weeks or less
Ready in as little as 2 weeks
Toyota Tacoma with X1 truck camper on a beach in the Pacific Northwest.

A camper designed
around you

The core of the X1 is a flexible, modular eco-system designed to keep up with your ever-changing adventures.  Make it yours.
Back of Super Pacific X1 camper open with camping gear mounted to the sides and man sitting inside.


Quickly transform your truckbed into a full standing height space, better known as Living Room Mode™.
Back of Super Pacific X1 camper open with camping gear mounted to the MOLLE panels inside.

modular organization

In small spaces vertical storage has proven to be the best way to keep your gear oranized:  With our modular molle panels you can keep items securely mounted for safety, easy to find at eye level, and save your valuable floor space.
Close-up picture of M6 threaded insert on inside of X1 Camper.

mounting inserts

No drilling, no zip ties. Customize endlessly.
Close-up picture of USB power outlet on inside of X1 Camper

Clean energy

Built-in wiring chases & solar ports allow for clean & tidy electrical routing. No more loose wires.
Close-up of Yakima rack mounted to the t-slots on the roof of the X1 Camper.

universal t-slots

Awnings, cross bars, solar, you name it, our t-slots can handle it.
Man and his son gazing into the distance from the bed of their X1 Tacoma Truckbed camper.

all season comfort

The spacious, adventure-proof tent is designed to keep you comfy, rain or shine.
Interior of Super Pacific X1 camper's bed platform with ExPed mattress.

xl Sleeping loft

Extra room beyond your mattress to store night time gear, or use as a quick pass-through into your truck bed.

a big day ahead, rest up

We use the top-rated Exped Megamat Duo LW+, the most comfortable camping mattress anywhere.


Control condensation or button it up tight. You're in control with our ingenious Free Flow™ vent system.


Because adventure doesn't have an off-season.


Built with marine-grade fabric, it's the burliest 4-season tent of it's kind. Enough said.


With 3 screened tent doors standard, you'll have plenty of options to take in the scenery.
Rear view of Ford F150 with X1 Truck Camper mounted on the back, with the tent open.
Chevy Silverado parked in a forest with Super Pacific X1 camper and mountain bikes mounted to the truckbed.

a mobile gear locker

With a secure, contractor-grade canopy and full access from all sides, you're free to load your gear and have it at the ready, when you are.
Man standing next to a Super Pacific X1 Camper with side door open.

Full Side access

Ultra-wide and completely unobstructed side access to quickly grab your stuff and get on with the day.
Cabside MOLLE panels mounted to the interior of a Super Pacific X1 Camper.

modular organization

With options for mounting your gear, you'll have everything right where you need it.
Close-up of side door handle of Super Pacific X1 Camper.


With 3 key-locked matching handles, your gear stays out of the weather and out of harms way.
Detailed close-up of clamshell hinge of a Super Pacific X1 Camper.

NEXT LEVEL engineering

With unparalleled build quality & aerospace pedigree, the X1 is wildly over-engineered to outlast your truck.
the x1 is built different

'built like an airplane'

Detailed close-up of riveted aluminum fuselage of a Super Pacific X1 Camper.

built like an airplane

Assembled using laser-cut sheet aluminum and solid aircraft rivets. A tried-and-true fabrication method from the aerospace industry, our canopy is designed to withstand the extreme stress and vibration of off-road use.
Because riveted joints are stronger than welds.

custom hardware

We couldn't find hardware that matched our standards so we designed our own.  Proprietary CNC machined hinges and hardware throughout.

made in the USA

Our campers are built using the perfect balance of modern technology and human craftsmanship.


GMC Canyon parked near the beach with Super Pacific X1 Camper mounted to the truckbed.


All Standard Features Included
supported models +
Ram 2500 truck parked in a forest with a Super Pacific X1 Camper mounted to the truckbed.


All Standard Features Included
supported models +
Don't see your model listed?  Let us know your truck model so we can support it in the future.
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seeing is believing

demo an x1

Pictures and videos are great and all, but the best way to appreciate the X1 Camper is to see one in-person.

standard features

Every X1 comes loaded with the following standard features:
3 Key matched Locking Canopy Doors
3 zippered & screened Tent doors
3 Modular Floor Panels
Exped Megamat Duo LW+ Mattress
3rd Brake Light
Dual 12-Volt adapter
Acrylic Tailgate window (Optional)
Acrylic Cabside window
Your choice of 5 premium powder-coated aluminum colors
Your choice of 3 tent fabric colors
2 Year Limited Warranty
Free Installation
*No added Sales Tax upon pickup when installed in Oregon.

canopy COLORS

The lower canopy comes in the following colors:
Powder coat color swatches for Super Pacific X1 Camper truck camper.


The marine-grade tent fabric comes in the following colors:

detailed specs

Weight & Weight Capacities
Camper Weight (Model Specific )  | 340-390 lbs.
Dynamic Roof Load (Tent Closed )  | 500 lbs.
Gas Strut Roof Load (Tent Open )  | 75 lbs. (upgradeable to 150 lbs.)
Exterior T-Slot tracks | 4 Total (2 on lower clamshell, 1 upper clamshell, 1 upper clamshell roof slot)
Roof Standing Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. (Standing in middle of closed roof)
Interior T-Slots tracks: 1 (on tent interior)
M6 Threaded Inserts: 24 Total (located 9" on-center throughout canopy interior)
Interior Corner Lash Points: 6
Exterior Corner Lash Points: 4 (Hammock Hangers)
electrical & solar integration
Electrical Raceways: Integrated ( located throughout all vertical & horizontal structural members.)
Removeable Electrical Faceplates: 12 ( throughout all vertical & horizontal structural members.)
Removeable Wire Routing Access plates: 12 ( for additional wire chase access.)
Pre-drilled Solar Wiring Port: 2 (located at cabside)
12-volt Ports: 2 included
3rd Brake Light & Wiring Harness:  included
Hardware / Materials
Sheet Aluminum Spec: 0.80" Aluminum
Solid Aircraft Rivets: 0.80" Aluminum
Corner Hardware & Tent Hinges: CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum (Proprietary design)
Canopy Door Hinges: CNC-Routed Aluminum (Proprietary design)
Canopy Door Handles: 3 Single Handle, key-matched latches (Black powder-coated) Operable & lockable from interior & exterior
Door Gaskets: 40 lb. Gas Struts (Upgradeable for additional capacity) x 2 per door
Canopy Door Mounting Framework: Located on Interior of each canopy door
Extrusion: Aluminum (Proprietary design)
Anodizing: UV stable, medical-grade
Fastening Hardware: Stainless Steel
Roof Material: Polypropelene Honeycomb (1/2" Thickness)
Sleeping Platform Material: Polypropelene Honeycomb (1" Thickness)
Modular Molle Floor Panel: Laser-cut, powder-coated aluminum. (x 2)
Clamshell Corner Downspouts: 4
Clamshell Latch Mechanism: Powder-coated stainless steel, Spring Detent Actuated (Proprietary Design)
Canopy Door Rain Gunnels:  3 (Located over each door)
Tent / Soft Good Materials
Tent Storm Doors:  3 Standard (one above each tent door)  | 9 oz. Marine-grade acrylic-impregnated polyester
Tent Door Screens:  3 Standard (No-see-um mesh) 
Zippers: YKK, double-sided, dual action
Flow State™ Adjustable Vents: 3 -  416 sq.inches of total sheltered ventilation area
Adjustable Ventilation covers: 3 (hook and loop)
Tent Fabric: 9 oz. Marine-grade acrylic-impregnated polyester
Tent Attachment Method: Keder Rail
sleeping mattress
American made accessories (optional)
Therma Puff Insulation Kit:   3.6 oz Climashield synthetic, 3.4 R-value
Truma Heater Integration:   Quiet, reliable propane heat.
Modular Molle Panels:  Laser-cut and formed aluminum, Grey powder coat finish.
Universal Awning Bracket:  Laser-cut and formed aluminum, Black powder coat finish.
Cargo Pack Storage:  Recycled 450 Denier Polyester material
Crash Pad Sleep Extender:  Challenge RBC450RS Ripstop Fabric, marine-grade foam
Gear Loft Storage:  Water-resistant mesh


Scroll the images below to find dimensions for your fitment.

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