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Super Pacific has teamed up with Trew Gear to help bring you the ‘Trew to You film’ contest.  Last year, our friends at TREW scoured hundreds of applications + selected 10 teams to create a 3-5 min film showcasing their personality, their perspectives, their local stomping grounds, and what it means to them to “Stay TREW”. To add some spice, teams had only 6 weeks to film and 4 weeks to edit their film during winter ‘23. The time has come for us to enjoy the fruits of these teams labor!  Come by and show your love for a local brand, and a night of incredible storytelling through 10 teams from all over!

The Super Pacific crew and our winter outfitted X1 campers will be in attendance and on display.  Come out, say hi, and get pumped for upcoming snow season!

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