3 Ways To Prevent Your Rooftop Tent From Being Stolen

3 Ways To Prevent Your Rooftop Tent From Being Stolen

A rooftop tent is a fine piece of equipment. Theft is not an uncommon thing on camping trips, and a rooftop tent is a good find. Because it’s so valuable, you need to take the necessary steps to protect the camper. You need to keep it safe and secure away from thieves. Here are three ways to prevent your rooftop tent from being stolen.

Use Anti-Theft Straps

Manufacturers know how valuable rooftop tents are, and because of this, they make party favors for all campers. Some of the tents come with anti-theft straps, while others are sold separately. Either way, you want and need these straps.

Some of the straps have reinforced steel cables threaded inside the strap. The reinforced steel cables make it difficult for thieves to simply slash through the straps with a sharp object. Secure the tent to the vehicle and then reinforce its stability with these straps. Thieves will lose interest quickly and run along.

Use Manufacturer Locks

If you don’t want to go with the straps, there are specific-manufacturer locks to purchase that get the job done too. These aren’t locks you buy from and standard hardware store. Manufacturers specifically design these locks for rooftop tents.

They know exactly where to snap in place to make it difficult for thieves to release or pick. You need to mount the locks over the rooftop tent mounting bracket nuts. The locks won’t work any other way. Locking them over the brackets will ensure that thieves can’t unscrew the nuts to bypass the locks. You should see instructions included with the locks.

Use a Hidden Tarp

Hiding the tent underneath a tarp is also a good strategy. Thieves never know when owners will be returning or how much time they have to go through your possessions. This is why you need to make things harder for them.

Thieves want to get in and get out as soon as possible. Hide your tent underneath a tarp; it keeps the tent disguised and protects it from harsh weather. If you don’t feel like the tarp is enough, try placing a GPS tracker inside the tent. That way, you can call the local authorities and have them retrieve the truck bed camper for you in case it ever gets stolen.

Your rooftop tent is extremely valuable, which is why you need to follow these three tips to prevent it from being stolen. For more information, visit our website.

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