5 Tips for Securing Your Truck Roof Top Tent

5 Tips for Securing Your Truck Roof Top Tent

When you’re on the open road, the last thing you should be worrying about is theft. Even so, your roof top tent and camping equipment are always at risk if you don’t protect everything properly. Fortunately, security accessories lessen the likelihood of robbery.

Stabilizing your camper while driving is only part of the job; you also need to keep it safe when you’re out exploring the terrain. These tips for securing your truck roof top tent will ensure all your belongings stay where you leave them.

Install Locking Features

The first step in securing your tent is to install locking features. These mechanisms will hold your camper in place and make removal difficult without the right tools. Ideally, you should use manufacturer-specific locks that accommodate your unique camping accessories.

You can also install locking straps, nuts, and bars for further protection; nuts and bars utilize durable metal to secure your tent to your rig.

Get Anti-Theft Straps

In addition to locking features, you should also invest in anti-theft straps. Securing your truck roof top tent is easy with fortified straps that are resistant to cuts. Steel cables make slicing through these straps challenging for even the most advanced thief.

Make sure you choose straps featuring strong materials. Sharp knives can cut through nylon easily, but anti-theft straps will withstand the sharpest tools.

Invest in an Alarm System

Most vehicles have alarm systems to deter criminal activity. However, you can also install an alarm system that will alert you to any movement are your tent while you’re away. Vibration-sensitive systems will sound off when someone tries to cut or unscrew pieces of your camper.

Invest in a wireless system that will work in the most remote locations. Find one with a remote control so you can arm and disarm your system at will.

Pack Up Important Belongings

All of these features will secure your physical tent, but what about your belongings and camping accessories? On the off-chance a sneaky burglar can get past your defenses, be sure to pack away your important items and keep them out of sight.

It’s tempting to leave your roof top tent up during long camping trips. However, disassembling your setup will make it less conspicuous. If you can’t invest in security features, this is the best way to keep your stuff safe.

Insure Your Roof Top Tent

It’s always a good idea to insure your expensive items. You likely already have car insurance, so check with your provider to see if they offer coverage for tents and camping equipment, too.

While this doesn’t protect your assets from thieves, it will help ease the blow. You won’t be out thousands of dollars if someone finds a way to swipe your roof top tent.

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