Everything You Need To Know About Truck Campers

Everything You Need To Know About Truck Campers

Truck campers are add-ons that provide passengers with a way to rest and a means to store items while on the go, more than you can in a standard truck model. A bed isn’t exactly something you’ll find attached when shopping for trucks, but you can add them on after the fact, thanks to campers. A camper takes many forms, so knowing their ins and outs will help you make the best purchase for your specific application. Check out the guide below to find everything you need to know about truck campers to make an informed purchase.

Compatible Vehicles

Truck campers are versatile but not universal. Thus, one of the top details to know about any camper you’re considering buying is the list of vehicles it’s compatible with in the field. For example, our campers at Super Pacific can currently fit various vehicles that include Jeeps, Dodge Rams, and more. Information like this should be easy to find for any camper you’re browsing because suffice it to say that vehicle capability is a make-or-break type of detail.

Thankfully, we have multiple camper models available to fit different trucks. So even if the camper you’re looking at isn’t the right fit, browse alternative options from the seller, especially if the extra features stand out as being helpful for your applications.


Another make-or-break detail is the overall size of the truck camper. Of course, you must consider whether the model will fit your car, but there’s more to this topic than that. How much space do you need to accommodate items you’re storing in the camper? Simply put, will the camper fit all your hardware? Not only do you have to consider the width of the truck bed, but also the height of the camper ceiling.

A good camper should support your truck’s storage abilities, not hinder them. Since every truck owner’s needs will differ, so will the ideal storage capacities for each. Luckily, as mentioned above, campers are versatile. Thus, finding the right fit for your truck shouldn’t be a laborious search, especially now that you have this guide detailing everything you need to know about truck campers. Speaking of which, let’s discuss another critical detail—the camper’s overall weight.


Not every truck has the same payload capacity, and a camper will definitely add some additional weight to your ride. So, always be sure to compare a camper’s weight to your truck’s payload capacity to ensure the vehicle and camper can work hand-in-hand beautifully. After all, trucks and truck campers complement each other, but simple slipups during the purchase can cause avoidable frustrations afterward.

Thankfully, avoidable is the keyword here. Something as simple as jotting down the camper’s weight can help you find the perfect fit. Although some campers on the market look heavy and bulky, some models can be more accommodating. For example, our inventory is full of lightweight truck campers that merge a compact fit with a complex mix of features. That way, you can find a camper that is helpful to your ride, not intrusive.


Trucks mix functionality with eye-catching aesthetics for many drivers, but the aesthetic value comes down to the preferences of the driver. If you’re someone who appreciates the aesthetics of your vehicle, then looking at campers may be worrisome if something doesn’t complement your vehicle very well. Of course, not all drivers care about their vehicle’s looks, but those who do can find a camper that meets their standards.

For instance, the compact design of our truck campers at Super Pacific ensures a sleek appearance, even with the tent open. This makes it easier to drive around with the camper whether on the way to a campsite or not. Our campers also come in many different colors to provide even more customization. Unfortunately, a truck’s aesthetic value can drop if the camper gets beat up by the weather and terrain over time. Don’t worry; durable materials can help retain the camper’s appearance and performance.

Durable Materials

The components in your truck camper can contain various materials, each bringing a protective quality to the table. Of course, if you’re not an engineer, then diving into the details of truck camper materials likely seems laborious. Although that’s understandable, let’s break it down so you can be more informed when purchasing a camper for your next outdoor adventure.

All four seasons throughout the year bring a diverse range of weather conditions, as does any area you travel to for camping. This means that much of the belongings you bring, including your camper, should be ready to handle the elements successfully. Of course, all campers are built differently, so how do you know which materials are up for the challenge?

This is another instance where browsing any camper listings carefully will come in handy. Our team uses methods and materials common in the aerospace industry, such as aluminum, to build durable, convenient campers. For those unaware, one of the many benefits of building with aluminum is that this metal is both lightweight and strong. Thanks to the protective materials in truck campers, you can find a model that will suit your needs in any season of the year.

Extra Features

Another critical detail you should know about truck campers is the extra features available. The unique features of any given camper can help you find a model that fits your application precisely. That way, you can worry less about needing to shift your plan to accommodate the truck camper.

Do you need a camper with a full bathroom, or do you simply need a spot to sleep for the night? Likewise, how much sleeping space do you need during your trip? Keeping track of unique details like these will help you find the most convenient camper model.

Plus, truck campers that are adaptable to aftermarket add-ons make it easier to tailor the design to meet unique needs. For example, we sell campers that have features including T-slot tracks and threaded inserts so you can add additional materials to your truck, from hooks to solar panels. Now that you know more about the truck camper market, you can start browsing the quality options available for your next trip.

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