Is It Possible To Live in a Truck Rooftop Tent?

Is It Possible To Live in a Truck Rooftop Tent?

More and more people are trading in their house keys for car keys. Living a nomadic lifestyle allows people to live their dream lives. When you add a rooftop tent to the mix, you get a compact, east-to-assemble shelter that you can take wherever you go.

But is it possible to live in a truck rooftop tent? The short answer is yes, but with a few nuances. Learn how to live this lifestyle by picking up a few helpful tips.

Prepare for Changing Weather

The most obvious drawback of rooftop tent living is dealing with unpredictable weather. A solid roof and four walls offer protection that most tents can’t match. However, a truck bed roof tent from Super Pacific can defend you from anything Mother Nature throws at you.

To prepare for changing weather, make sure you have the right clothing, bedding, and accessories. Bring insulated mats, portable fans, and plenty of warm clothing. Pack your stuff in water-proof bags so that everything stays intact, come rain or snow.

Bring Plenty of Supplies

Living off the grid means giving up access to typical societal amenities. Grocery stores, gas stations, and retail shops may be few and far between. That’s why it’s so important to bring plenty of supplies.

Pack extra clothing and bedding when things get wet and dirty. Bring first-aid supplies, additional batteries, and plenty of perishable food items. Preparing for the long haul will reduce your need for stops.

Map Your Replenishing Stops

Even the most well-prepared adventurers eventually run out of supplies. Depending on how long you’re living in a truck rooftop tent, you’ll probably need to make a replenishing stop. Mapping out your plans beforehand will make finding supplies easier.

You don’t want to find yourself lost in an unfamiliar town. Take account of all your gear and figure out how long it will last. Locate stopping points on your map and familiarize yourself with the area so you’re never without any food, water, or materials.

Enjoy the Wild Freedom With Super Pacific

Now that you know you can live in your rooftop tent, you can enjoy all the wild freedom. Let Super Pacific outfit your truck with a bed camper and tent fit for off-the-grid living. Life is more than picket fences; expand your horizons with state-of-the-art camping gear today.

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