The Lorejas Family: Road School in Session

The Lorejas Family: Road School in Session

Aim, Kim, Kaeleb, Kaetlyn, Kaeden

Photo by Aim Lorejas


Jeep Gladiator + Switchback X1

Southern California

When Aim & Kim Lorejas started their family, it was important that their kids develop a lasting connection to the outdoors and a deep love of nature. Fast forward to the present, and their Jeep Gladiator + X1 adventure rig has become a mobile one-room schoolhouse, as they ‘road’ school them while out on extended rugged backcountry trips.

Why was it so important for you and your wife to raise your kids in the outdoors?

We both believe that the great outdoors is the best classroom and a great teacher for our kids. By starting them young it allows them to develop this lasting attachment to the outdoors to nature. It’s also the natural way to be active, both physically and mentally.

Photo by Aim Lorejas

“ By starting them young it allows them to develop this lasting attachment to the outdoors, to nature.”

— Aim Lorejas

What’s you favorite part of taking your kids on adventures?

Now that they are in school age I will say the planning and when the plan didn’t pan out is my favorite part. They are 100% involved in the planning. They choose where to go, what to see, what activity to do, especially the places they learn from school and and it’s history. And now they are at the age that they love dinosaurs, dino tracks hunting is high on the list. But sometimes the plan doesn’t pan out, sometimes due to road closure, extreme weather, wildlife are migrating, or sometimes we arrive late at the location due to time difference and I hear them say ‘that’s okay’ it’s part of the trip, or we can see it tomorrow or we can find them next time (referring to a certain wildlife). It helps them learn to be flexible and adaptive to what is present and enjoy it.

Photo by Aim Lorejas

Photo by Aim Lorejas

Why did you choose the Gladiator + X1 for your adventure vehicle?

The Gladiator, first because my wife wanted a Jeep. Second, my kids love how the Gladiator looks. And the Gladiator has more headroom and legroom space than its midsize truck competitors. It’s also the only midsize truck that can easily fit a toddler potty in the 2nd row. And of course the capability of it to navigate the beaten path.

For the camper we wanted it to be light, easy, and fast to setup. After my research about campers I showed it to my wife and kids, the videos of different wedge camper options, and it was a unanimous vote for the X1. The kids all agreed about the design. Me and my wife also agreed about how beautiful and slick the design is. It’s a very well thought-out design overall.

Is it a Jeep thing?


What’s your favorite feature of your X1 Camper?

Favorite would be the XL tent platform…The ability to go up and down the camper/bed without folding or deflating the mattress, especially for the kids, is a great.

What are your sleeping arrangements?

The two smaller kids sleeps horizontally, my wife and I with our eldest sleeps vertically .

What’s your favorite ‘hack’ for camping with kids?

Introduce a freeze dried meal at home and ask them which one is their favorite. For when the time comes when you’re too tired to cook, the weather is bad, arrived late at camp, or just want quick meal you know you have something ready and easy to cook that they like.

Photo by Aim Lorejas

Road Trip guilty pleasure?

As a self-proclaimed Jerky lover I would sample and buy road side/homemade/family owned jerky as often as humanly possible when we travel.

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