What Type of Trucks Are Best for Rooftop Tents?

What Type of Trucks Are Best for Rooftop Tents?

Going on a camping trip means having gear and equipment that can withstand all the adventures you plan. When campers think about equipment, they focus on flashlights, kitchen wear, clothing, and the tent.

It’s important to also consider the vehicle to get you to your campsite, especially if you plan to use a rooftop tent for shelter. Let us tell you the type of trucks that are best for rooftop tents.

Ford F-150

Everyone loves a classic, and the Ford F-150 is a trusty camping truck. An F-150 is big-bodied, but that makes it ideal for rooftop tents. You’ll want a vehicle that can endure rough and uneven roads during a camping trip.

The truck’s roof is spacious enough to fit the entire tent and provides plenty of security. The bed makes things even more accessible for the average camper to set up their shelter. Manufacturers call these the “adventure-ready truck bed.” The new clamp pockets and cleats mounted on the side of the tailgate act as tie-downs for extra-long items and to secure camping materials.

Jeep Gladiator

Who doesn’t love a Jeep? They are reliable cars for a reason, and their trucks are no exemption. You’ll want to take the Gladiator on a camping trip. Aside from the wheels and structure of the truck excelling at handling rough roads, a rooftop tent fits in the bed comfortably.

Rooftop tents are perfect for these overland vehicles. Depending on the type of tent you purchase, you’ll have plenty of privacy for changing your clothes or trying to stay warm and dry from harsh weather. Two people can easily fit inside the tent.

Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 is a big truck and works miracles on a camping trip. All that space is necessary for a few nights under the stars—not that you’ll be directly under them. The ram and tent combination almost makes it feel like you’re camping in your own backyard.

Make sure you purchase a tent with a polyethylene floor to keep moisture out. Most rooftop tents come with color-coded fiberglass poles that make them easy to install. The truck bed perfectly fits an air mattress over the wheel wells and flattens.

Toyota Tacoma

A Toyota Tacoma is made for Tacoma bed campers. You really can’t go wrong with these vehicles. They come with truck caps, but they’re more suitable for casual off-roaders. The caps are easily detachable, so you can make room for your rooftop tent. Reattach the caps when loading up all your gear. Keeping the tent and other camping supplies safe and dry is your main priority.

At Super Pacific Inc., we’re all about helping you get to your camping destination safely with all your gear. Any one of these trucks is the best for your rooftop tent, so have your pick of any camper we offer!

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