How To Properly Handle Your Truck With a Rooftop Tent?

How To Properly Handle Your Truck With a Rooftop Tent?

Your next camping trip might require a little more travel and a lot more equipment. That’s okay! You’re more than prepared for the excursion. Once you load up the truck and set the map for your destination, the only thing left to worry about next is getting there safely. If you’re wondering how to handle your truck with a rooftop tent, we’re here to help you.

Vehicle Abilities

It’s not about getting there faster; it’s about getting there in one piece. A rooftop tent certainly adds a little more pressure to your truck, but the top speed will still depend on the vehicle’s off-roading capabilities. You’ll need to account for fuel efficiency, off-roading capabilities, and aerodynamics when determining your top speeds with a rooftop tent.

Most trucks can handle off-roading, and rooftop tents aren’t an issue for vehicles like a Toyota Tacoma. They don’t affect their overall performance. Most trucks are made for such activities, but overall effectiveness still comes down to the vehicle’s load capacity. With a payload capacity of up to 1155 pounds, Tacoma trucks are more than capable of navigating tricky terrain with a bed camper installed.

Security Options

The safe handling of a truck with a rooftop tent doesn’t solely rely on the vehicle. The camper plays a role too. Making sure the camper is suspended and secured properly will help determine how your truck handles when driving with a rooftop tent.

These campers come with tie-downs that mount directly to the frame of the truck. Take care of these tie-downs. Any maintenance neglect could result in a potential accident. Check the stability of the mount before starting your truck and pulling off the road.

Hard vs. Soft

You’re either going to travel with a hard shell or soft shell rooftop tent. You’ll base your decision on the purpose of the trip and how long you want your equipment to last. The soft shell is lighter and barely adds any weight to your vehicle. However, you still need to drive at a reasonable speed and ensure the tent is secure.

Hard shells are on the heavier side because of the materials used. But the density of these tents works out in your favor! You’ll hear less of a rattle on top of your vehicle as you drive because the truck bed camper’s durability contains the tent, making for a drama-free ride.

Max Speed

If you have a vehicle that is capable of handling an off-road drive, you should be set to go. You can try and maintain your top speed, but it’s a better idea not to go over 65 mph for safety reasons. With the Tacoma bed campers at Super Pacific Inc., your truck will be able to hit 65 mph safely.

Remember that this additional cargo can affect your vehicle’s brakes, causing increased stopping distances. It’s important to drive within the capabilities of your truck, always ensuring you can stop abruptly if needed.

Now you have a clearer idea of how to properly handle your truck with a rooftop tent, but if you have any more questions before your camping trip, we can answer them. For more information, visit our website.

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