Where To Park Overnight With a Rooftop Tent

Where To Park Overnight With a Rooftop Tent

Finding safe, legal overnight parking can be hit or miss. Rooftop tents aren’t like RVs and car camping; many campers end up being ticketed because of unauthorized lot camping.

If you want to avoid breaking laws and paying fines, you need to have a strategy. Before starting your adventure, figure out where to park overnight with a rooftop tent.

Dispersed Campgrounds

You can find hundreds of dispersed campgrounds through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM); these sites land outside the realm of designated camping spots. Dispersed campgrounds lack monitoring, so you’re safe to park overnight.

This kind of camping is excellent for living off the beaten path. You won’t have access to amenities, meaning you will need to rely on your survival skills. Dispersed campgrounds are for campers who can rough it, so be sure to bring plenty of food and supplies.

National Forests

If you’re looking for a place to park overnight with a rooftop tent, consider trying a National Forest. These locations differ from National Parks since forests have relaxed rules about camping and fishing, while parks have more regulations in place.

National Forests offer plenty of dispersed campsites for you to choose from. However, you need to keep in mind the lack of staff. When camping in a National Forest, it will only be you and the land.

Chain Stores and Restaurants

Many retail stores and chain restaurants are camper-friendly. Bass Pro Shops and Cracker Barrels are popular among RV users, and many rooftop tent campers report success in these locations. Some large chains, like Costco, also allow overnight camping.

Pro tip: Check state laws before setting up your overnight tent. Some places ban parking lot camping to avoid “shanty towns.” If you’re going this route, speak with the store manager and get written permission before settling in.

Religious Institutions

Many religious institutions extend their generosity to campers. Churches and temples may allow you to sleep in your overnight tent on their property without charging a fee. This option usually works best in rural areas with small populations.

Play it safe by speaking to the leaders of these sites before occupying a space. As long as you leave before the next busy service, most don’t mind showing kindness to respectful campers.

No matter where you park, you need a high-quality wedge rooftop tent to withstand any environment. Super Pacific is here to supply you with durable tents and truck bed campers, so contact us today!

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