Advice for Camping With a Rooftop Tent in the Rain

Advice for Camping With a Rooftop Tent in the Rain

Camping equipment needs to withstand and protect campers against some tough weather conditions. It won’t always be clear skies and plenty of sunshine. Even keeping a close eye on the weather reports isn’t enough to assume mother nature will be on your side. A little rain doesn’t mean canceling your trip, either. All you need is preparation. Here’s our advice for camping with a rooftop tent in the rain.

Use a Tarp

If you’re wearing a raincoat, assume your tent needs one, too. Place a large waterproof tarp on all sides of the tent. You can find large tarpaulins in any camping equipment store. Make sure the tarps aren’t extremely heavy because you’ll need to hoist and place them on top of the tent.

Anything too difficult to lift over your head will be dangerous to maneuver during heavy rainfall. Knot the tarp on the sides where the tent is secure. Make sure the knots are secure because where there is rainfall, there is wind, and you don’t want the tarp blowing away before you get a chance to get inside.

Bring Waterproof Baggies

Campers always think about securing the tent, but they don’t always think about the tools and equipment. Bring some waterproof baggies to store the tools you need to set up the rooftop tent. These can be plastic bags or special bags designed to protect from the rain.

Everything won’t fit inside your rooftop tent but make sure you place the items in the baggies, so they don’t get soaked in the rain. Too much water exposure will cause your items to rust and soil. As a precaution, always store your equipment in these bags, even when the sun is shining. It will save you an extra step if the weather changes its mind.

Avoid Cotton

Cotton and rain do not mix. Well, the reality is they mix too well. Cotton soaks up water like nobody’s business, and you don’t want to deal with soaked clothing or material during a camping trip. Sure, you could try to dry them out, but the hassle isn’t worth it.

Pack and wear quick-drying synthetic clothing. The same material covering your aluminum truck bed camper should line your body. You won’t have to worry about entering your camper with wet clothing and trying to get dry and warm. And the wet clothing won’t soak the interior of the rooftop tent.

Level the Car

Park the vehicle in a safe location during a rainstorm. Downhill wouldn’t be wise, even if the rooftop tent is above ground. Park uphill and away from any sort of water source.

Make sure the car is level and on even ground. It will be easier to set up the tent. Set the tent up before the rain starts. If you run out of time, wait it out in the car. Trying to level and assemble a rooftop tent during a storm is highly dangerous.

Here at Super Pacific Inc., we’ve got plenty of advice for camping with rooftop tents in all types of conditions—not just the rain. Visit our website for more information.

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