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CABSIDE Window Retrofit

CABSIDE Window Retrofit

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The Operable Cabside Window has two cool functions:

Quick Access Slider: Access your truck’s existing rear pass-through with the sliding window option.  Dimensions of the slider opening: 9.125″ W  x 9″ H

Fully Removable: The window is fully removable, making it easy to clean your rear window or have full-width access to the truck bed.  Full window opening dimensions: 37″ W (Top) 42.75″ W (Bottom ) x 9.875″ H


*Operable Window Retrofit Kit is available for most X1 campers

Please measure your existing cabside window to determine compatibility and correct fitment. (See product image)

1  MEASURE the width & height of your existing cabside window. (Measurements should be taken from the outside dimension of your window gasket.)

2  CONFIRM that the dimensions of your window fall within the following ranges:

  • MID-SIZE = HEIGHT 12.75″ to 14.75″ & WIDTH 45.75″ to 47.75″
  • FULL-SIZE = HEIGHT 12.75″ to 14.75″ & WIDTH 47.76″ to 50.25″

***IMPORTANT***: If your window does not fall within these ranges, the retrofit kit will not work with your camper.

Outside dimensions of retro kits:

  • MIDSIZE = 15″ X 48″
  • FULLSIZE = 15″ X ​50.5″

LEAD TIME ~ 8 to 12 weeks


We recommend having one of our Satellite Network partners do the installation.  It takes roughly 2 hours of labor to install with the right equipment.

Mid-Size Install Instructions

Full-Size Install Instructions

Installation in Portland, Oregon
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