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HEST Fitted Sheet

HEST Fitted Sheet

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As comfortable as your home sheets but in a portable outdoor ready form. HEST Fitted Sheets are designed to pack into themselves keeping the sheet neat and clean. In sleep mode the integrated stow pocket doubles as a stash pocket for important things like: phone, wallet, keys, or headlamp. Just like your home sheets, the HEST Fitted Sheet is a perfect snug fit on a HEST sleeping pad or the EXPED Duo 10 LW+: so even if you move during the night, the sheet stays put.

  • Outdoor Ready - Built for all-terrain travel in all kinds of weather. The breathable soft stretch fabric is dirt resistant and easy to wash.
  • Stash Packet - While in sleep mode the stash pocket is a perfect place to keep phones, keys, headlamps, etc. Just like your nightstand at home, you can sleep comfortably knowing your important things are secure & easy to reach.
  • Machine Washable - Fresh and clean like your home bed! The Fitted Sheet is easy to remove & machine washable, keeping your mattress fresher for longer.
  • Fitted Stretch Corners - Don't get caught slipping! Just like your home sheets: the HEST Fitted Sheet is designed to stay in place even if you toss or turn throughout the night.
  • Transportable - Grab & go! An integrated stow pocket with travel loop makes storing, packing & transportation a breeze. The HEST Fitted Sheet is designed to pack into its stash pocket for easy stowage.
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